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You are probably wondering why a BBQ site would have things other than BBQ stuff on their site, right?  Well, there is always down time to play with some cool items.  That time when all the meat is smoking on a slow and low temperature, leaves a cook with little to do, so why not play.

The following items could be used to spy on your competition, find out what they are cooking or what kind of injection they are using or what temperature they may have their smoker set on.  The list goes on.  Seriously, I have a few items listed below that I find fun to play with and as my toy box get filled, I will add to this list.

Camera -I use my camera for all sorts of things.  Take pictures of my food when it is raw, being cooked and finished.  So many things to take great pictures of.  Just let your imagination go wild.  The one I really like is here:

Binoculars-these can be so much fun.  We take a look at this amazing world God has placed here around us.  So much to see sometimes when there is nothing else to do, we look at birds, sunsets, sunrises, beaches, mountains and just all the great outdoors.    What fun.  You can keep an eye on your competition BBQ team to find out their latest secrets, always a good thing to keep up with them.  The following are my favorites:

Drone-These are so much fun as well.  We fly them around our neighborhood and sometimes at some of the events we are cooking at.  We can get an idea of how many people are at the event or competition.  Be sure to use them legally and morally correct.  They are such fun for the whole family and can be a great tool for your business.  We will soon have video to show on our website.  My favorite is below:

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