Smoked Hamburgers

Easy and simple smoked hamburgers.  Nothing to cooking up these favorite burgers, only a few ingredients including the smoke.  Enjoy smoked burgers.

Put whatever you like in your hamburger meat and add smoke, cook to the perfect doneness and serve.

Easy and simple burger ingredients

2 pounds ground beef – I use 80/20

Salt and pepper – 50% of each

(Whatever you want to add)



Weigh out 7 – 8 oz of ground beef and make into a ball.  Press into a beef patty, I use a small plate.

Add salt and pepper mix, be generous, the beef can take lots of salt and not taste salty.  Experiment with this.

Place burgers on the smoker at 250 – 275 degrees  F.  Add smoke and allow to cook for 20 minutes before flipping burgers and repeat until proper doneness is reached.

Enjoy the easy and simple smoked hamburgers.

As always, please let me know how they turned out and leave me a comment below.


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